What is Social Trading

The market is continuously evolving through the years, and so does the methods of trading. There are a lot of new trading methods that have been introduced, and social trading is one of them.

You might wonder what social trading is and how does it work in forex markets. Luckily, this article is made to explain to you what social trading is all about.


Social trading is a new method of trading, giving the users the opportunity to gain instant and constant access to market-related information through the use of the internet. Unlike fundamental and technical analysis, the information users get from social trading are generated by other users, which gives the users the privilege to gain market insights without having to perform the analyses by themselves.

This is very helpful to those who are quite new to the forex market, especially to those who are not quite good in analyzing the technical or fundamental analysis. Basically, the traders who use social trading base their investment decisions on the information and analyses performed by others.

Basically, in a social trading community, the traders can view the trading activity of other traders, and they can use this information to refine and revise their trading strategies.

Traders also have the option to “follow” the traders which they find interesting so that they will be able to regularly monitor their trading activities. Users can search for those who are already successful in trading so that they will be able to find out what makes this trader successful. Then they can use that information to further enhance their trading plan.


Lastly, the traders are also given the privilege to “copy” the trading activity of other traders, which lets you skip the process of having to analyze the market first. If you find a successful trader in your social trading community, you can decide to copy their trades then specify an amount of investment you want to allot in copying their trades. You will still have a full control of your account, and you can decide when to resume or pause your copy activity whenever you think it is appropriate for you.

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